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Our Story


70 years ago


The story began 70 years ago, when a teenager named Ah Yao somewhere in Cheras, Kuala Lumpur took up a passion for shoemaking. The business started as a way to support the family. Ah Yao, who had smart business acumen, realized that handmade shoes were high in demand during that time and that making a few pairs a day could make a living.


Thus, he began making clogs, high-heeled sandals and pump shoes – shoes that were part of the trend in those days. After Ah Yao grew up and got married, his wife helped him with the shoemaking business until they hired a few other workers. The couple also started a family, and one of the children was a son named Mun Yew who helped with the shoemaking business.


Mun Yew, like his father, also started making shoes while he was a teenager. Tragedy struck, and Ah Yao passed away in his 40s. Mun Yew, who was still a teenager at the time, made a life-altering decision and took over the shoemaking business, which then had become the family business. Mun Yew and his siblings continued making shoes, focusing on high-heeled sandals and ballroom dance shoes. 


Like Father like Son


Mun Yew grew up into a strapping young man and he, too, got married and started a family. The family tradition of shoemaking was passed on to one of his sons named Ernest. The third generation of this shoemaking family also started from a very young age. He worked his way around shoe manufacturing from the bottom up – from folding shoe boxes to cutting the fabric material to make the shoes. He observed his father, his uncle and his aunt in the art of making shoes by hand. Soon, he learned the details of making high-heeled sandals.


The business faced another unforeseen challenge – the economic crisis. Mun Yew made another tough decision by sending away Ernest to learn other aspects of building a business – sales and marketing. So Ernest left with a heavy but determined heart to learn all about sales and marketing. Like his father and grandfather, Ernest started in sales and marketing from the ground up, by working as a sales executive at a men’s shoes company. But his heart remained with the family business, and he longed for the day when he could return to it.


It took 10 long years for Ernest to learn every aspect of sales and marketing. Armed with this knowledge, the dutiful son returned to the family business. While his father, uncle, aunt and their few workers dealt with the manufacturing side of the business, Ernest, who now has become a director of the company, dealt with the business operations. Not only did he help expand the company’s sales and marketing strategies, he also went out to other companies and set up OEM capabilities for those companies to manufacture their own shoes. Thus, the family business branched out into two separate business models – business-to-business and business-to-consumer. But of course, none of the companies can be compared to Ernest’s company, which still up to today make shoes by hand. 



Blowfish - Unique


Ernest wanted a brand name that befits the image of his business and Blowfish is a very special kind of fish. At first sight, one will hardly forget the uniqueness of this fish. But its name is just so easy to remember. Hence, the brand Blowfish is borne. Ernest and his company, Yeah Shoes Enterprise Sdn Bhd, want their customers to have the impression that Blowfish™​ Malaysia shoes are unique and hard to be forgotten.


100% Handmade, Elegant, Comfortable


Blowfish™​ Malaysia ladies’ shoes are 100% handmade. That means attention to detail that leads to excellence in quality. This quality is attained by the hands of the master shoemakers, who each have more than 20 years of experience behind them. The Blowfish™​ Malaysia brand aims to develop different types and designs of high heels for all kinds of women, so that every woman who wears a pair of Blowfish shoes feels special. That special feeling not only comes from the fact that Blowfish™​ Malaysia shoes are handmade, but is also made-to-order. This fulfills Blowfish™​ Malaysia’s vision of elegance, comfort and customized high heels that suit the needs of every unique individual. Blowfish™​ Malaysia intends to become every woman’s personal shoemaker, in return the feelings of happiness and satisfaction that every Blowfish™​ Malaysia customer walks away with wearing its shoes are the biggest rewards for the company.